7 - 8 JULY, 2017


To bring all the people involved in the Innovations on Rural Development and to put them together.

To work out a strategy/workable way forward to bring innovations/technologies to the reach of the common man.

To associate the students community and elicit their bright ideas and provide an interaction among the Innovators and students


In the event of dwelling natural resources, over consumption and usage and with the ever increasing population, social economic inequalities, affordability issues more so in the context of Indian rural scenario, there is an urgent need to encourage the innovations to address the challenges and to create simple, qualitative, affordable and sustainable products for the benefit of the end users in general and rural community in particular in areas of agriculture with specific focus on organic farming, green energy, sustainable housing, drinking water, sanitation, waste management and artisan related activities.

No doubt it is quite visible that necessity driven innovations have been taking place and continue to take place but greater awareness about the same among the end users and the encouragement for such FRUGAL Innovations which are simple, affordable, qualitative and sustainable are found to be not to the extent which it ought to be.

There is a need to create greater awareness for such “FRUGAL Innovations” and Innovators besides to elicit the problems/issues being faced by such innovators and facilitate exchange of ideas among all the concerned to the subject, it is felt that an organized platform need to be created.

It is in the above background, NIRDPR, INAE, Vijnana Bharati who have been working for the rural development/transformation recognizing the need to encourage and support the rural innovators and create greater awareness for such innovations, have come together for organizing the workshop on “FRUGAL Innovations” to provide an inclusive platform for ideas, innovations for facilitating new business models and workout the way forward.

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Dr. Satheesh Reddy
SA to RM and DGMSS

Dr. W.R Reddy, IAS
Director General NIRDPR

Dr. B.N.Suresh
Former ISRO Director

Dr. P.S.Goel
Former RAC Chairman and Former Director,BARC

Shri Jayant Rao Sahasra Buddhe
All India Organising Secretary, Vijanana Bharathi

Shri A.K.Chakrabati
President,IDST and Former Director,DRDL



1. Taking lessons from the success stories from the innovators and publicizing them for the benefit of the others.

2. Creation of greater awareness for the “FRUGAL Innovations”.

3. Critically examine the reasons for the failure of the Innovators and trying to find a solution.

4. Taking the views of the student’s community and putting across for discussion among the participants for applicability etc.

5. Working out a way forward for transfer of the technologies to the rural areas for the benefit of the common man.

6. Create market connect for the products.


Do you want to be one of use? Sure you want, because our initiative is nobel. Here we work hard every day for Rural Inclusive Development.

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