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Objectives :

  • To strengthen implementation of NRLM through capacity building of SRLMs and by arranging implementation support from NRLM Resource Cell.
  • To facilitate continuous flow of trained National, State, District, Field professionals from NRLM Resource Cell to all the SRLMs and MoRD as per requirement.
  • Develop appropriate Resource Material for Capacity Building of CBOs and SRLM staff.
  • Build a Multi-thematic and Multi-layered pool of Resource persons (National, State, District and Block level) at the NIRD&PR Resource Cell.
  • Build the capacities of Thematic experts of SRLMs, SIRDs & CBAs
  • Conduct Induction and various thematic trainings to different categories of Resource Persons of SRLMs, SIRD staff & CBAs.
  • Organize various workshops like Vision building, Leadership development, Management and Annual Action plan Preparation and Write shops.
  • Support to NMMU & MoRD for conducting Monthly/Bi-monthly/Quarterly reviews with various levels of SRLM staff.
  • Support to the SRLMs to develop Resource Blocks/Model Blocks.
  • Document the various Best Practices emerge in SRLMs.

Key Achievements during the F.Y 2015-16:

Creation of NRLM (RC) at NERC, Guwahati:

As approved in the EC meeting of MoRD held on 30.03.2015, a new NRLM resource cell has been created at NERC, Guwahati to cater to the CB needs of all North Eastern states. The cell has started functioning from August, 2015.

Organization of CB programs at various SRLMs:

57 training programs were conducted at various locations in different SRLMs and 1856 trainees participated.

Developed 120 Members of SRLM staff as Core Trainers:

Conducted 23 days training program in three spells on NRLM core thematics from May – July, 2015.

Development of Internal CRPs for Odisha State:

As per the OLM request, NRLM (RC) designed 30 days intensive training to the internal CRPs including field visit in NRO area. 300 CRPs were trained in 10 batches from September to March, 2016.


Conducted and Coordinated 4th Annual National Writeshop at NIRD&PR, Hyderabad and two Regional writeshops one at Guwahati for NE states and another at Jammu for NW states.

Development of Training Modules and Community songs CD:

NIRD&PR Resource cell developed the following seven training modules:

  1. Community Capacity building (Vol.II)
  2. Staff Capacity Building
  3. Gender
  4. Food, Nutrition, Health and WASH
  5. Social Inclusion (Elderly, Tribal & PwD)
  6. Convergence
  7. PIP-PPA.

The modules were released by DG, NIRD&PR in the National Workshop held on 28.04.2016

NRLM Resource Cell composed and developed Community Songs CD (with 6 songs) for using it during the trainings at field level.

Initiation of Livelihoods Trainings by NIRD&PR:

Conducted a training program exclusively only on NTFP (Identification, Scientific methods of tapping, collection, processing and Value addition, storage etc.,) at Raipur, Chhattisgarh in March, 2015 and at Mumbai in April, 2016.


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