NIRD&PR in collaboration with UN Women, South Asia Sub-Regional Office, New Delhi has launched a program on “Promoting Women’s Political Leadership and Governance in India and South Asia”. This program is a part of a major project on Gender Responsive Governance initiated by the Royal Government of Norway with the Government of India. The project envisages to bring women to the forefront as equal partners in politics at all levels of governance. The program focuses mainly at the Local government level because it is here that a large number of women have already occupied elected seats through reservations. Enhancing the quality of participation of Women in Governance is an important mandate of the program.

             The Goal of the program is to create enabling environment to empower Elected Women Representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions to become change agents in political decision making for promotion of gender equality. The project is envisaged to transform the capacity development of elected representatives in the country to bring in focus on gender responsive governance. The project will also fortify the institution of local governance as a driving force in political decision making and make it visible as a strong entity in the structure of national governance by establishing the Regional (South Asian) Centre of Excellence.